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Integrity Tool & Mold Inc has been in the business of manufacturing,
maintaining and repairing plastic injection molds since 2000.

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Integrity's 600+ highly skilled team members operate out of 3 locations with 7 facilities throughout North America - totaling 257,000 sq.ft. Our Global Headquarters is in Oldcastle (Windsor), Ontario Canada. Plant #1 is home to our Administration, Program Management, Engineering, Mold Assembly and Tryout teams. Tryout capabilities range from 500T to 3000T presses, including a 1650T Engel 4-shot rotary injection press.  Our  Advanced Manufacturing team, including hi- speed 5 axes CNC milling, hi-speed 3 axes milling, gundrilling, electrode manufacturing and EDM, operate from Plant #2. Our Quick Response team that handles engineering changes, repairs and preventative maintenance requirements are located at Plant #3.

Integrity Tool & Mold Tennessee has two  fully staffed plants totalling 63,000 sq.ft. with 50 ton crane capacity. These plants give Integrity a southern presence to better serve our customers needs with state-of the-art equipment including hi-speed 5-axes CNC machines. These Plants operates 24/7 and are geared to handle new design and builds, as well as any engineering changes or repair work that is required. Our strategic close proximity to a large number of our customers results in quicker turnaround times, less travel time and drastically reduced costs.

Our 2nd facility in Queretaro operational in Q1 2017 will increase our capacity by 10,900 s.m. (118,000 s.f.) for a total of 14,600 s.m. (158,000s.m.) of mold manufacturing capacity in Mexico. These facilities have full capability for designing and manufacturing of molds as well as mold repair and maintenance. Capabilities include 50 ton crane capacity, large capacity CNC, EDM and spotting equipment as well as in-house tryout service 320T to 2300 T 4K.

Areas of Expertise


  • Standard Injection
  • Multi-shot Rotary
  • Stack
  • Aluminum Production Tools
  • Robot (hot) Transfer
  • Shuttle
  • Compression Tools
  • Proto-type Tooling
  • Magnesium Injection
  • Vibration weld fixtures

Key Advantages

Providing our customers with exceptional service, quality craftsmanship, dedication and professionalism.

  • 500+ Highly skilled personnel
  • 60+ hi-speed/ hi-accuracy CNC & EDM Machines- including 30+ 5-Axis Machines
  • Design and build large mold packages
  • Short lead-time deliveries
  • Large highly experienced Program Management and Engineering Staff
  • State of the art CNC, EDM and gundrill equipment (60+ machines)
  • In-house tryout presses up to 3000 Ton
  • 4-Shot rotary 1650 Ton Engel press
  • 50 Ton crane capacity
  • 4 plants in Oldcastle (totaling 257,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing)
  • 2 Plant in Pulaski, Tennessee (63,000 sq.ft.)
  • 1 Plant in Queretaro, Mexico (40,000 sq.ft.)
  • 24/7 "Quick Response" service throughout North America

About Us

Our team of highly experienced designers and surfacers apply lean design philosophy to assure optimal value for the customer. The output of Integrity’s design team is the cornerstone of each and every project. The attention to detail and thorough understanding of the customer’s standards and unique requirements are paramount.

Quality... built in North America!

Innovation and Technology

Extreme Efficiency

Recent Projects

Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. will Program Manage, design and manufacture, high quality tooling ranging from 200 to 5000 ton presses. These competencies allow ITM to be an industry leader offering our valued customers shorter lead times and competitive pricing.

Tailamp Lens & Housing

HEMI Valve Cover

Center Console

  • Canada

    Head Office
    5015 O'Neil Drive
    Oldcastle, Ontario
    Canada N0R 1L0

    Phone: 519-737-2650
    Fax: 519-737-2651
  • USA

    2071 Elkton Pike
    Pulaski, TN
    USA 38478

    Phone: 931-207-8334
    Fax: 931-207-8398
  • Mexico

    Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
    Circuito El Marqués Sur #51
    Parque Industrial El Marqués
    El Marqués, Querétaro. C.P. 76246

    Phone: 011 52 (442) 296-4150

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